We borrow a Tesla P85D

THIS is what every electric car should be like…

The Tesla P85D isn’t your ordinary run-of-the-mill Tesla, if such be the phrase to use about a piece of kit that rewrites the rule book.

But, if there are any doubters out there who aren’t sure about the future of the motor car post Internal Combustion Engine, I strongly suggest – insist, even – that you have a drive in a Twin Motor P85D Tesla Model S.

Seriously, I’ve driven some fast kit in my time – Porsches, Ferraris, Lambos, McLarens, even Arial Atoms, Caterhams and Radicals. But there’s honestly NOTHING that prepares you for that instant electric power, dropping off a cliff “Insane” mode, with a full 690bhp unleashed.

There may be (slightly) faster things from say 60mph onwards, but the initial step-off acceleration is, quite literally internal organ rearranging. Honestly – trust me!

From a standing start, nothing I’ve ever driven or passengered in has pinned me to the seat in quite the same way. 1G of acceleration? Easy – this thing will deliver it again and again and again…

And, all the while, it’s a nice place to sit – lots of premium feel surfaces and the like.

Oh, and once you’ve parted with your initial wedge, it’s FREE to charge up at Tesla’s ever expanding bank of Superchargers…

Try one, folks – it’s the FUTURE!